Monday, March 5th, 2012

A quilt for Hugo

This is the first quilt i have made for a boy and I wanted it to be something that he loved and cherished – it was great putting together the fabrics for this as it was all about being bold with colour and pattern and used up a lot of my fabrics that I somehow shy away from using in some of my other quilts.

Sewing the squares together

Quilt starting to come together

back and front of finished quilt

Hugo and is quilt South Tirol Italy


  1. A lovely quilt joyfully displayed – well done. I’ve made many blankets for boys, and handpainted and pieced coverlets too. Boys love colour as much as the rest of us!


    • Polly says:

      Thanks Sarah – i had a look at your blog too – will definitely follow it – love the designs!

  2. hugo says:

    thanks polls for my quilt i love it so much.
    lots of love hugo.

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