Changing the face of sustainable fabrics

About Polly

For 10 years Polly Scott Bolton has studied and worked within sustainable textile production. From a formative period weaving Ahimsa silk at the Little Flower Leprosy rehabilitation centre in Bihar India, to many years designing for the successful prison charity Fine Cell Work, her interest has always been in the source of the material and the process of production.

Polly recently had the opportunity to work in the studio of renowned interior designer Chester Jones, this really gave her the experience of working with fabrics along side contemporary furniture and interiors. Placing fabrics, in the context of both their design (look) and their provenance (sustainability), within a living space has inspired Polly to put together this collection of interior fabrics.

Polly Hope Textiles

Founded upon Polly’s design and environmental principles, Polly Hope aims to couple a positive culture of sustainability with contemporary interior Textiles. Occupying an unmatched space in this market, her collection employs a unique production process, using organic materials and natural dyeing carried out by Aura Herbal Wear in India.

On a trip to India in March 09, Polly was lucky enough to meet Arun and Sonal Baid founders Aura herbal wear. They have been pioneering in the development of organic natural printed and dyed Textiles and have perfected the art of dyeing naturally. Polly has been developing her collection with Aura bringing you a unique manufacturing process in collaboration with Polly Hope designs. These furnishing fabrics value the environment and those who manufacture them, ensuring fair trade standards and a chemical free work place to all those involved.