A unique process centred on natural dyeing

The organic process

All Polly Hope fabrics are manufactured using a unique dying and printing process that uses 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, linen and Ahimsa silks. The patented process used to manufacture Polly Hope fabrics is 100% natural – combining ancient concepts with modern techniques. The fabrics are coloured naturally, using medicinally rich plants, natural mordents (no heavy metals) and all bleaching is carried out using sunlight.

Why organic?

Organic yarns are grown and processed using techniques and materials that have a low impact on the environment. Organic cotton is increasingly in demand as the cotton industry uses vast amounts of pesticides and fertilizers. This has a harmful effect on soil fertility and pollutes surface water. By using organic cotton in your home you are helping sustain the cotton industry while having a positive impact on our planet.

Why natural dyes?

Despite the fact that many companies now use organic cotton in their manufacturing, the majority of this fabric is still being dyed and printed using conventional chemicals. At the heart of growing organic cotton is the elimination of the harmful substances used in its mainstream cultivation. So to maintain the integrity of these fabrics it is important to preserve this organic process throughout production.

Factory methods

Polly Hope has developed her fabrics with Aura Herbal Wear, an Indian company dedicated to the development of natural dyeing techniques and whose mission is to eliminate chemicals from every stage of the processing of fabric. All the waste from the Aura factory is free of harmful chemicals and can be directly recycled back into the earth.